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Terminal Real Estate, Mill Valley

Contract cancelled? Entirely, eternally fallen out of escrow? Time for a final payment at the epicenter of the Green mortuary movement: Fernwood. Not to be confused with the other Fernwood. A place where we don't so much shuffle off this mortal coil as get re-absorbed, memorialized forever with GPS and a digital headstone in the memorial landscape. From Pruned, and we could not have said it better:

"So while your molecules may have long ago leeched deep into the lithosphere, recycled into migrating tectonic plates and supermountains, or expelled out into interstellar space, the site of your disintegration will forever remain recorded, precisely and accurately and more importantly to some, permanently. Uploaded and downloaded by generations of your offsprings in neverending, rhyming resurrections of unconscious memory. ESRI ArcView as digital ossuary."

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