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More, Bigger Release at 235 Berry

[Image from Robert Becker]

Via Socketsite, more news of 235 Berry Street. Yet another release, this time with very specific parameters:

"Arrive promptly at 10:00 am on June 11th with a copy of your pre-qualification letter and evidence of source of funds for the balance of your purchase. If you are chosen to purchase a home, you must have a check for your deposit with you and be available to complete the purchase agreement on Sunday, June 11th. All purchasers will be required to sign an anti-speculation agreement with their contract documents"

We especially like the if you are chosen part. As for the anti-speculation agreement, presumably you will be forced to move in. "Townhome-style" units from $1M. While you're at it, save up to $7.5K at 235 Berry by contacting this guy first. We have no idea, he just comes up first when you google "235 Berry."
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