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Lower Polk: Gulch vs Village

According to the Examiner, the Polk Corridor Business Association is going to start hanging up banners that say "Polk Village" and after three years, they're going to circulate a petition and change Polk Gulch to Polk Village by ballot. Banners and name changing = textbook gentrification? And, anyways, name changing? Please, that's so Santa Cruz (Hi Nancy aka "Dancing Moon Unicorn"!). Some people might think that more police or "eyes on the street" or neighborhood revitalization through retail and housing could clean up all the open air drug deals and prostitution in Polk Gulch-- but you know what they say about tweakers: it takes a village.
· Call Area Polk Village Not Gulch [SF Examiner via SFist]

[Photo of Polk Street regular from dinab's Flickr photostream]