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Spare That Snowboard!

[Photo Credit: Michael Moloney, SF Chronicle]

File under sustainability and determination: The Chronicle visits the two women who made ReadyMade, Shoshona Berger and Grace Hawthorne. Together they've crafted a magazine and a kind of anti-establishment aesthetic, and although we hate the term hipster, some days it fits. They're not the anti-Marthas, ReadyMade is more about the offhand, the sustainable, and the witty gesture. Or as they themselves say, the magazine for people who like to make things, plus evening purses made from bubble wrap.
· At Home with the Readymades [SFGate]
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[Clarification: That's Shoshona and her husband Tony Saxe above, on their terrace. Shoshona and Grace may be joined at the hip (pun intended) but they're not a couple.]