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Seadrift 3-Pack: The Price Chopper Version

[Image from California Coastline Project]

We think all week about going to the beach. We never go; must be all the wind and fog. But all those years as a New Yorker, where getting on the Jitney was the summer's only priority, never go away. When the urge gets really bad, there's always our east coast sister/daughter/sister site The Beach.

Or the MLS for the North Bay, BAREIS. We hit the beach today with three oceanfront properties in the Seadrift community of Stinson Beach, all of which can be yours at reduced prices. Total savings? $1,750,000. Since Seadrift is a gated community, withholding the addresses seems churlish. It's not like we're ever going to get to drive by. More glam Flash and Java for these listings at Sotheby's.

Address Withheld by Broker: Set low just behind a dune and billed as the lowest priced ocean front house in Seadrift, the MLS listing neglects to tell you it was originally listed at $3,500,000 last year. Not only has the price dropped to $2,950,000 they've cleared out the old people's furniture and staged it with fake le Corbusier, Noguchi, and Bertoia. The joy of it- shoji, etched plywood, and the fantastic central stone chimney. "Great family weekend with biking, hiking, surfing!" with one bathroom. A few ticks up in the stock market and this could be a teardown.

178 Seadrift Road: Save $1,000,000 on this swell five-bedroom, five-bath, five-car garage (we sense a theme here.) This executive sandcastle was built "to the latest FEMA standards". Like the phrase "FEMA standard" is remotely reassuring. It probably means that no disaster refugees will be sent to live with you. Clearly a house in which sand and wet bathing suits are regarded with disdain, if not anathema, it was originally listed at $7,500,000.

306 Seadrift Road: Our fave, was $3,500,000, now $200,000 less. The octagonal living room pavilion set off from the bedroom wing conjures up visions of Tom Collinses and cigarette smoke. We also love the 1620 square feet of faux white brick linoleum.

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