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The Earth Moved

Apartment Therapy SF knows a thing or two about accessories, and they reminded us today about that thing we put off, forget about, or generally ignore, the discreet must-have accessory in the Bay Area: Earthquake Survival Kits. Link to this U.S. Geological Survey site for stuff that will really keep you up at night. The good news is that California will not sink into the sea like Atlantis. At least not until after the mid-term election. The bad news is that in 12,000,000 years Los Angeles will be west of San Francisco.
· Earthquake Survival Kits [Apartment Therapy]
· Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country [USGS]

[We at Curbed SF apologize for today's late postings. Chalk it up to Satan's Birthday, or whatever holiday today is; our hard drive went Goth -Ed.]