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Five Hundred Feet of Food

[Lovers at Bi-Rite, photo credit David vs Goliath]

Eating 18th Street between Guererro & Oakwood

Start the day: Tartine Bakery, where a surly Mission hipster chick may deign to sell you a morning bun. We're glad the back of the house still loves what they do and continues to turn out sublime pastries and savories week after week. Portions are super-sized, so while $2.95 may seem expensive for an almond croissant, that croissant is big enough for two impoverished singer-songwriters. Required: bedhead, attitude. Coffee: outstanding. On the corner of 18th and Guererro, or just look for the line of bloggers out the door.

Shop: Bi-Rite Market, the local grocery proving that small can be outstanding. Organic produce, bread, meat from Niman Ranch, prepared foods to go home or to nearby Dolores Park. Tomorrow, Saturday Let's Be Frank launches the retail sales of their grass-fed and -finished hot dogs at Bi-Rite. They'll have a cart set up on the sidewalk out front grilling from 1 to 4, in addition to the usual works at Crissy Field.

Lunch: Pizza at Pizzeria Delfina. Tables on the sidewalk put you in the middle of the passegiata, inside is noisy and bustling. Beautiful pizza plus small plates. Work it off with a stroll up Dolores to the newly painted Mission Dolores, where this thing we call San Francisco started.

You spent the day at the office? Reward yourselves with a bottle of Prosecco and some appetizers in the garden of Restaurant Delfina next door. House-cured anchovies, salume, and the famous grilled calamari. Opens at 5:30. (415) 552-4055 for reservations, although early walk-ins are easy.

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