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Thursday AM Links

Bitch, just try crossing Geary Boulevard: more police on motorcycles to enforce, stop signs, red lights and crosswalks in an effort to make SF more friendly to pedestrians. Will they cite bicyclists on sidewalks as well?
I Have a Rat and I Vote is the new bumper sticker.
Walmart Launches Charm Offensive: Fundamentally charm-challenged retailer longs for urban California, "there's clearly a lot less to dislike about Wal-Mart now." Um, no. For starters, shopping at Walmart requires automobiles.
Andrew Zack needs a new PR firm: Really. And will someone please tell this man that no one is buying TIC's anymore? It's so over.
File under reassuring marketing: Earthquake Insurance Included!. Casting a wider net (no pun intended) The Glen Park Market Place condos reach the MLS.