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Wurster, Demolished

We ask, they tell. Above, before and 48-hours-ago of the now-demolished 1937 Willliam Wurster house at the corner of Raycliffe Terrace and Pacific Avenue. One tipster passed us on to another, and voila! images from around 2003 appeared in our mailbox. Amazingly, we also stumbled across the old listing page via Google which still has a virtual tour. Still to be answered: who was it originally built for?
You Ask, We Ask [Curbed SF]
2870 Pacific Avenue [Macguire RE]
William Wurster[Vernacular Language North]

More of the interior, after the jump

Living Room:

Kitchen: remodeled,but very much in the Wurster style. The band of windows faces Raycliffe.

Courtyard: the house was built in an el around this courtyard, which also served as the entry on Pacific. The foyer, living room and master bedroom opened up to this.

Raycliffe facade: there's a garage tucked away at the far left. The first storey windows from left are the kitchen, dining room and living room; more bedrooms upstairs.

These are the first in a planned Curbed SF archive of endangered modernism.
[Photo Credit: Cleber deAlencar, Curbed SF for the recent images]