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The $3,300,000 One Bedroom

At $3.3M, arguably the most expensive one-bedroom house in San Francisco, although described as a three-bedroom, three-bath, two half-bath (one can never have too many places to pee, and there's no elevator.) A tiny bedroom is off the kitchen and billed as a potential study, while the other is behind the garage, and both are on the lot line. There's a very grand suite occupying the entire third floor and to cap off the vertical theme, a pentroom and terrace on four. Occupies the footprint of what was previously a garage. While the Frank Lloyd Wright-in-Oak Park feel of the facade is a jarring counterpoint to the two shingled houses on either side, Pacific Heights is, after all, about the jumble of swank historicist stylings.
· 2523 Steiner [Malin Giddings]