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More Other Blogs, Wednesday Evening

Alonso Duralde with director Jenni Olson at The Roxy

From SFist: A rant about Frameline and their off-handed treatment of Alonso Duralde's talk (and Dave Kittredge's flawless reel) at The Roxy, 101 Must-see Movies for Gay Men. Yes, there was hissing, but we prefer to think it was ironic hissing.

Quote of the Day: John Stewart on The Daily Show "Extremists get their way because moderates have shit to do." from a post on development and the participatory democracy of the Bay Area from the guy who doesn't post nearly enough, SF Cityscape.

Today's award for effortless genius in the blogoshere: A Hamburger Today. [via the mothership, Curbed ]

And While We're at It: we were googling for "used car lots" and came up with the photoblog of Thomas Hawk. Nice stuff, Tom.