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Selling Clean

The Arterra website is up. Sound track, virtual tours, floorplan porn and more. Buzzwords: clean, handsome, practical, healthy, in the forefront of environmental responsibility. Colors: greens, blues, khaki. The first certified Green hi-rise condo project, designed by Kwan Henmi, clearly setting itself apart in a neighborhood of sameness and Sub-Zeros. We were wondering where these will go, but the list you get by clicking on "green attributes" is pretty awesome. This building is like spotting the first Toyota Priuses on the street.

From their Department of Taking No Chances, also included on the site: the pre-qualification form. "In order to purchase at Arterra you will be required to be pre-qualified by Wells Fargo Bank.". Six pages. No hint of outside broker participation, and since there's no clue as to prices, it seems churlish to require financial information before revealing the bottom line. And you can't read the form before you fill it out, page by page, so we didn't bother. Some days, clean just stinks.
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[Update: our thanks to Socketsite who was able to find the ususal disclaimer regarding broker participation, the "registration on the first visit" clause.]