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It's Monday Late Linkage

[detail, Ten Arcquitectos]

•Applying makeover fever to geopolitics, the New York Times asked thirteen designers to come up with designs for that new wall between us and Mexico. While we were hoping for a replica of the Brandenberg Gate in San Diego, we also didn't get the chain of tacquerias we wanted along the border called CheckPoint Charlies. [via Curbed LA]

CFA vs NAL The Consumer Federation of America pees from a great height on the National Association of Realors. Regrettably, the report employs the words "cartel" and "cockamamie" but never gets anywhere near "kickbacks." NAL responds with "competition is fierce." [Inman news]

•From another Thomas Mayne/Morphosis addict: Life Without Buildings brings us an update on the Federal Building. [Life Without Buildings]

•More full employment for attorneys: The Supremes splits on wetlands protections and the Clean Water Act, returning two Michigan developers to the dreaded lower courts. [NYTimes]