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Sunday Open House, Four Ways

On Divisdero: a sublime Modernist rehab of a 'twenties commercial building in Lower Cow Hollow and the current winner of the most expensive two-bedroom house competition at $1.8M. Barely far enough from the Marina, but you'll be so happy you'll never notice. 3032 Divisidero @ Filbert open from 2-4. [Byzantium]

Up Liberty Hill: a lean and sexy with Edwardian rehabbed by an architect, $1.795M. Alas, no discernible parking, but the house is open two hours longer than ususal, presumably to find parking. We especially like the bay window-bed. This could be the house we'd give up our car for. 3860 21st Street between Castro and Noe open from 1-4 [BJ Droubi]

In Ashbury Heights: shingled post-modern meets shingled vernacular with a baroque shield over a shed. Rare rear entry through the alley from Upper Terrace. At $1.695M, still in the most expensive two-bedroom sweeps. 50 Clifford Terrace between Roosevelt & Upper Terrace open from 2-4 [ Vanguard]

In The Haight: at the corner of Page and Baker, the big corner flat with huge bay windows that says "San Francisco" to some. A TIC in a two-unit building, $1.395M for four bedrooms, plus a white-washed, unfinished attic in all its balloon-framed glory. Plan to throw some serious parties. Toss in another big one and get the whole building. 1200 Page Street at Baker open 2-4 Glass-Moore, Coldwell Banker]