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Water Features, Oh My!

So, usually when we get emails with "awesome," "crazy," or "crazy-cool" new listings we ignore them... because they are neither awesome, crazy, nor crazy-cool. Oh, a new live-work space, yawn. A huge tub with jets, boring. But when you send us listings that include a "sunken living room complete with a flowing 'River' water feature," well, we just freak right out. This is no lame koi pond, this is a flowing River (note the capitalization). Soon we will add flowing rivers to our must-have list that, right now, only includes plasma TVs and complimentary slippers. This 3BD/3BA loft is a classic re-listing (and this time twice, as both commercial and single family residence) with more history here, and it's been on the market six months, not a week. This time around, $1.88M. Is that how much rivers are going for?
· 1200 Indiana [MLS]
· 1200 Indiana [Socketsite]