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Carrots or Sticks?

[Photo Credit: Rllyman via Flickr]

The Farmer's Market is threatening to leave the Ferry Building Plaza. Seismic retrofitting of the Transbay Tube will take up much of the pier currently occupied by the market on Saturdays (looks like a plaza, actually a pier) and CUESA wants a guarantee of contiguous replacement space or the market will move altogether. It's a drag for food-business tenants in the Ferry Building itself; on any given Saturday morning the two combined make one of the country's great food destinations. Once again, murmurings of a move to the Presidio, a location long on space and short on public transportation.

Popularity has come at a price. Serious, longtime market customers complain that the hordes of tourists have made the market too difficult to maneuver. Who wants to hear people in fannypacks complain that Ella Bella Farm's strawberries are too expensive?
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