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301 Bryant, Not Selling

It's one of the best buildings south of Market, but apartments at 301 Bryant Street are not selling. The building was way ahead of its time in design and location, and still stylish. Some views have been blocked by the Watermark, there's still a lot of work to be done on the Bay Bridge across the street, and there's a lot of competition in the neighborhood. Time to play buyer-seller stare-off?
#103 has a big terrace and open south views, but it's been on and off the market since December '05 at prices ranging from a high of $1,395,000 to a low of $995,000. Currently listed at $1,150,000.
#101 has been on the market for almost ninety days. The price has dropped to $998,000 from $1,048,000. Plasma TV and sound system included, plus gas stove instead of electric.
#704 has been available for almost sixty days, price has dropped ten percent to $998,000.
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· 301 Bryant, #704 [MLS]

[6-16 Postdate on 301 Bryant: We knew this existed somewhere at Socketsite, just not in time. -Ed.]