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Thursday PM Links with Water Views

[Chronicle photo by Penni Gladstone, not of Carol Migden]

Walk on the Water: Carol Migden saves the houseboats of Sausalito. One of those riparian sins of the father visited fourfold on their sons, or something, involving nothing less than underwater streets and land-swapping.

Da Vinci Code in Alameda County: Diligent biologist discovers stream protections written into the zoning code in 1977, but never enforced, right next to tomb of Mary Magdalen. Along with steelhead salmon in a stream in Castro Valley. Moratorium on building declared, developer drops to his knees, sobbing "I'm not sure where we're supposed to put all the people who are coming to this beautiful area."

Well, how's about Oakland? The Oakland School District is in negotiations to sell prime real estate- their headquarters and two school buildings on ten acres near Lake Merritt- for condo development. If it goes through, the sale should net them over $60M plus a few points on the profits. Not be a big deal to find new digs. The District's been insolvent and in state hands since 2003, so a few trailers under the 880 and new Lexuses for board members should do the trick.

Of course the property for sale includes the campus of MetWest, the innovative urban high school that graduated its entire senior class today, all of whom have been accepted to colleges.