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You Ask, We Ask

The Bears are Nervous: A friend (yes, we have like two or three) asks "What's going up directly behind the Lone Star Saloon on Harrison Street?" The site's actually on Sheridan, between 45 and 59 Sheridan, a one-block wonder between 9th and 10th. Some very expensive steel's been going up for weeks, without benefit of visible permits, except from the DPT (parking is important.) Structure seems a tad on the tall side, no? Thoughts, other than rants about killing off the nightlife of SoMa?

The Chosen at 235 Berry: Any word on the anticpated crush as homeless fund managers stormed the sales center, checkbooks and pre-approved hybrid mortgages in hand, to buy up the latest release? We slept in. It's too hard to be anywhere promptly at 10:00 on a Sunday morning.

One thing we do have the answer for: 754 Grand View has been sold, presumably for it's asking price of $1,489,000. Time on the market: ten days.