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Price Choppers! Where are they Now?

We thought we'd revisit this Price Choppers post from two weeks ago to see what's been happening in San Francisco's savage new buyer's market.

Now asking $2,050,000, you save $445K on this classic New York-style top floor condo. In great condition, with some bay views and a two car garage. The big drop didn't happen all at once; two weeks ago it was $2,295,000. [Went into escrow this week after another price reduction to $1,995,000]
1999 Broadway [Dona Crowder, Pacific Union]

Interior elevator, great views, immaculate rehab, what more could you ask of this mini-skyscraper on Buena Vista Terrace? And now it's repriced at $2,995,000, a half-million less than when it first came on the market. [In escrow this week, no further reductions]
24 Buena Vista Terrace [Payton Stiewe, Sotheby's]

This splendid old family home came on the market last year at $6.75M with Zephyr. Their 90 days ended and it wound up in the lap of Hill & Company, where it's gone from $5,625,000 to a mere $5,000,000. It's magnificent, but a drive-by indicates the front door is at the end of a two-storey-high flight of stone steps.[Not so much reducing the price as getting touch with reality, this can now be had for a mere $4,500,000. You've saved $2,250,000 by holding off]
65 St Germain [Robert Cronholm & Laura Minor, Hill & Co]