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Party Time, +/-2008

Jensen & Macy has won the competition to design the roof-top sculpture garden at SF MoMA. Funny how the museum just happened to have a space on top of a parking garage surrounded by a twelve-foot high parapet right there, next door. Ooops... now where did that come from? No date yet on when construction will start, and we suspect we'll never know how much naming rights cost, but this could become one of the great event locations in town. Is that long rectangle a reflecting pool? Between us and the bar?

All six proposals on view at the Museum until September 5, 2006; big floorplan porn and architect's sites after the break.

View Sculpture Garden Plan

Architects seem compelled to unleash Flash on us, so we've taken advantage of California Architects where possible to slice through some of the vectoring. The six finalists were:
· Jensen-Macy [California Architects]
· Mark Cavagnero
Designer of Curbed SF's home-away-from-home, Delfina Restaurant: EnvelopeA+D [California Architects]
· Kuth Rainieri [California Architects]
Anne Fougeron's 21 House is a delight beyond belief: Fougeron Architecture
And we love Pfau's Micro Office: Pfau Architects [California Architects]

· Sculpture Garden Competition [SFMoMA]
· High Above the City [SF Gate]