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The News From 3000 Miles Away

[The New York Times]

The Sunday New York Times Real Estate section hit a triple yesterday. We also know that when The Times discovers something, it's almost, or fully, over.

We hope in any case that's untrue with Craigslist because we want Craigslist to live forever mutating daily through communities, interests, and fetishes. The Times reveals the way of housing on Craigslist in The Nitpicking Nation. But let's hope that posts like this never go away: a guy who wants space to squat, like in your underused backyard or abandoned building. No problem with body functions or showers- he belongs to 24-Hour Fitness.

Then this really lovely map, above, with an article about how Californians can't afford a place to live. Covers lots of bases, includes blame on that old warhorse Prop 13, and how people are leaving, just more people are staying. Or something. We tried not to make too much sense of it, because basically it was summing things up for New Yorkers in that "see, it's way worse in California" way they have.

Last up is an resourceful architect/artist with a studio apartment in The Colonnade, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's 1960 housing project in Newark, New Jersey. And while starchitect condos are languishing across the river, he pays just $600 a month plus $25 a month for a parking space. Apparently the combination of cleft chin, dimples, and "want to come up and see my Mies?" proves irresistible as well. Who says real estate journalism can't be sexy?
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