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Glen Park Library/Grocery/Condos... Ready? Okay!

Above: Wilder Street in Glen Park, today, 2:09PM PST

It's only been eight years, but a brokers-only open house will be held later this week at the new condos at Glen Park Marketplace (the official name of the new mixed use project) at 53 Wilder Street @ Diamond. Our tipsters tell us the 15 new "luxurious" condos will start at $759,000. Not only that, the project's website (which thank god, does not contain any images of picket fences, a la Alamo Square) has floorplan porn.

Saturday is the planned date for the first public open house. Oh, and neighbors are still impatiently waiting to find out which local grocer is setting up shop... you'd think Canyon Market would get some "coming soon" signs. New to the mix? Sewer pipe. From the extensively re-phrased commentary of one construction worker, "the city is bringing a high level of anterior discomfort to the project."
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