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More Data, Just Not Public

Real estate agents seem to be finding ways online to enhance their client relationships. There's Cleanoffer, billing itself as a "client management tool." Access to Cleanoffer is through your realtor, which in turn gives you more information from the MLS than publicly available. Barely more, but it's stuff that matters to both buyers and sellers, like how long a property's been listed, how much the price has changed, when it goes to contract and escrow. And if you're a realtor with web-savvy customers that can forage for themselves online, that means less work for Mother. Easy-to-use search function- unlike the actual MLS- and the information comes to you as automated email within minutes of the listing change's posting. And you can always balance the data with what shows up on Property Shark.

This week, Cleanoffer's announcing a partnering with Zephyr, providing the Cleanoffer interface with Zephyr branding and calling it Zephyr MLS Direct. And since real estate brokerages are traditionally in the business of not providing information, we take this to mean that Zephyr is moving to differentiate itself from the other big firms here.

What Cleanoffer doesn't do, and what apparently you're going to rely on your friend at Zephyr for, is let you know if a property's been relisted or what the final selling price was. And of course, it doesn't tell you about properties that aren't on the MLS.
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