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Where Have all the Children Gone?

[Chart Credit: The San Francisco Chronicle]

Much fuss again from The Chronicle about San Francisco losing its school-age children. Aside from the fact that no one can explain why San Francisco actually need families with children in the first place (because no one will ask that question) the Chronicle chart makes it look like everyone's moving to the 'burbs. Actually half are moving to the suburbs, by the Chron's numbers, the other 100K apparently just vaporized. Pouff!

Curbed SF would suggest that instead, young parents who grew up in the suburbs will move back there. Why expect young families to remain committed urbanites? Most of the ones in that chart up there moved to areas less than an hour away. Cash in your too-small house in Noe Valley and get that SUV full of lacrosse sticks and soccer balls now.
· Lots of Toddlers... [SF Gate]