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Have a Lovely Weekend

[Image Credit: War Memorial Opera House from Rootsweb]

Memorial Day and Halloween are the holidays brought to you by dead people. Halloween's the bigger deal here, especially if you're into dressing up like a nun. But Memorial Day's about the men and women who fought and died, not over multiple bids or bicycle lanes or affordable housing, but because they were sent somewhere to do exactly that: perish, whether they wanted to or not.

So let's take a break from flogging condos, their developers and each other to celebrate the lives we lead:

Take in the Carnaval San Francisco which takes over the Mission this weekend, with most of the activity on Harrison between 16th & 23rd. From Cortina d'Ampezzo, a Venetian in the Mission: try Mauro Pistor's sublime gelato and sorbetti at Capp & 22nd. Wind up eventually at the previously praised bar Zeitgeist, at Valencia & Duboce. Should be smokin'. Why can't bars stay open until four?

Walk the dog, your mother-in law, boyfriend #10, or all three along the shore at Crissy Field, marvel at the yuppie passagiata, the sailboats, the gorgeous windsurfers from all over the world. Have a sublimely grilled hot dog and caramelized onions on an Acme bun from Let's Be Frank down by the Warming Hut. Murmur a thanks to all the San Franciscans who made Crissy Field happen.

Take in a classic. Meander around Golden Gate Park. It's vast, we know, and no one expects you to cover it in a day. But spend a few hours and you may come out wondering; what are all these fucking cars doing in here?
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Curbed SF will return to these shores on Tuesday May 30