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SF Bar Shout Outs

Esquire has an article up at KeepMedia about the best bars in America and three of our own are highlighted: Vesuvio in North Beach, The Owl Tree in the "Theatre District," and Curbed SF's personal fave Zeitgeist in the Mission. According to Esquire, the best bartender in SF is C.Bobby at The Owl Tree, and we intend to follow up with some investigative reporting. Even with all of the tourists clutching their brand new copies of Howl from City Lights, Vesuvio really is one of those perfect places to drink and ponder existence. But Zeitgeist... sigh. There's just nothing quite like drinking bloody marys in the garden, under eucalyptus trees, with soothing punk music in the background and hot, tatted up bartenders with just the right amount of surliness. In fact, you might just find us there tomorrow when we're "working from home."
· Esquire's Best Bars in America [KeepMedia]