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Movie Time at 601 King Street

Thanks to one of of our Potrero Hill tipsters, no work will be done today! Instead we will sit at our computers and be thoroughly entertained by movies showing the world of deconstruction and construction going on at the once controversial 601 King Street. The project includes townhomes, affordable and market rate "dwelling units" (224 total), retail, parking garage, and public open space (greenways, bikeways, etc). According to PotreroHillSF, the movies are being created by Donald Booth, an employee of Adobe who works in the brick warehouse adjacent to the site. The project, taking a picture every minute, is being sponsored by Adobe.

Anyone out there know the details about the project? What will the retail component be? Will it really all be finished by July 2007? Does anyone really call that area "Showplace Square"??? Let us know at
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