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Tuesday Morning Price Choppers

Now asking $2,050,000, you save $445K on this classic New York-style top floor condo. In great condition, with some bay views and a two car garage. The big drop didn't happen all at once; two weeks ago it was $2,295,000.
1999 Broadway [Dona Crowder, Pacific Union]

Interior elevator, great views, immaculate rehab, what more could you ask of this mini-skyscraper on Buena Vista Terrace? And now it's repriced at $2,995,000, a half-million less than when it first came on the market.
24 Buena Vista Terrace [Payton Stiewe, Sotheby's]

This splendid old family home came on the market last year at $6.75M with Zephyr. Their 90 days ended and it wound up in the lap of Hill & Company, where it's gone from $5,625,000 to a mere $5,000,000. It's magnificent, but a drive-by indicates the front door is at the end of a two-storey-high flight of stone steps.
65 St Germain [Robert Cronholm & Laura Minor, Hill & Co]