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Mid-Century FSBO

On Buena Vista West (no, we're not going to give you the address, but it's between Frederick and Upper Terrace) this jewel of California "everyday modern" has a hand-lettered sign saying "Condo for Sale" with a 707 area code in the living room window. This is the back view, which few people driving on by Buena Vista West would ever see. It's a two-flat building with two two-car garages and a huge garden. Curbed SF looked the flat for sale about eight years ago (when it was for rent and no one thought to call us Curbed.) It was in worn but almost original condition, one bath and two small bedrooms in the back, as we recall. There's a handsome wood-paneled stair hall up from the ground floor entry and garages, but no comfortable access to the garden, and it feels very much like an apartment.

We called the number on the sign but got no answer, but if you've got the answer to the question who designed this house ? we'd love to hear from you.