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Tonight in Berkeley

In the Oakland Hills, Jack Hillmer's Cagliostro House [Photo Credit: Linda Svendsen]

For the past three years, David Weinstein's been profiling Bay Area architects for the Chronicle, and now this collection has been expanded and available in his new book Signature Architects of the Bay Area. To his credit, Weinstein moves beyond the standard big names- much as we all love Maybeck- and documents the work of architects we may not be familiar with, if we ever knew their names. Photography by Linda Svendsen brings new life to both the buildings we drive by every day and the ones unseen.

Travel to Berkeley this evening and hear David talk about his new book at Builder’s Booksource, one of the Bay Area's great specialist booksellers and worth a trip to Berkeley on it's own merits.

7:30 pm, Builder’s Booksource, 1817 4th Street (near Hearst)
· Builders Booksource
· Signature Architects of the Bay Area [Amazon]