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Potrero Hill Power Plant Progress

We love our tipsters, oh yes we do, and we especially love when they send us emails whose subjects go something like this: "pizza + pastries = poo poo on power plant." We're not saying that our magical voodoo photoshopped graphic definitely made this possible, but now that we know our powers, we'll wield them carefully. Okay, so the meeting with the bigwigs (and the pastries) regarding the Potrero Hill power plant was yesterday and according to PotreroHillSF, the new motion passed. So, the Water Board's new motion not only acknowledges the "significant adverse impact" of the power plant, but also forces Mirant, the owner of the plant, to prove one of their processes is not harmful in order to continue, requires monthly toxicity monitoring, and the new permit will expire in 2008 instead of 2011... All of this is good news for community activists working to shut down the plant because it introduces more and more restrictions and responsibility for Mirant. Were you at the meeting? The motion for the new permit passed 6 to 1, we want to know: was the lone dissenter a vegan?
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