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Wednesday Morning: Miscellaneous Links

From BeyondChron: check out the Leftie version of yesterday's historic attempt to rein in Ellis Act evictions and help preserve the diversity of our neighborhoods.

Tale of the Misplaced Four: Socketsite's take on the New York Times and 57 Marina Boulevard. Like buying a house in February for 700K and trying to sell it in March for 989K isn't obnoxious enough, here we all thought there was nothing odd about the price dropping from $1.45M?

Two Wheelers: Bike Advocate Leah Shahum appointed to the MTA. Next up- bike lanes on sidewalks!

We are just as astonished as you: The Chronicle wins, for the second time in a row, the James Beard Award for Best Food Section (with circulation over 300K) Kudos to the kids at the Chronicle, but what does it say about the rest of the country when the newspaper of record in a town with the most sophisticated food consumers in the nation does features on tomato sauce in jars?