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A Passion for the Built Environment

The Chronicle's John King muses on the role of architecture critics. One quote from a perceptive and sometimes moving article worth reading if (like everyone at Curbed) you care about the built environment:

"'s essential to search out the best examples of what architecture can be. But we also need to sound the alarm, shine spotlights on mistakes and make the case for urban design that ennobles daily life -- accepting the fact that we'll lose more battles than we will win."

The occasion was the 2006 Temko Critics Panel at the Forum for Urban Design in New York, of which King was a panel member, along with Nicolai Ourouseff from the New York Times and Paul Goldberger of The New Yorker. Allan Temko was the long term and Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic at the Chronicle. Curbed SF hears there may be a podcast in our future, but for now, commentary from Geoff Manaugh at BLDBLOG.
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