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Pre-Weekend Quickies

Food Halls are the next wave of retailing the culinary apotheosis. The kind of local, sustainable agriculture we've secretly been longing for since Chez Panisse opened; food as the Bay Area's new religion is the subtext. Just in time for Passover/Easter.

Potrero Park lower playground site is entering the third round of public workshops. We know we're wrong, but the blandiosity of the vision statement makes one long for broken glass, burnt wrecks and the odd homeless schizophrenic in the bushes. Sorry, there is no such things as "public art that reflects Potrero Hill" unless you're going to mirror some walls. In which case you might as well put in track lighting.

At $10.9M from one of our high-end tipsters- buy a seven bedroom one guest house piece of Black History, or where Black history was written. Semantics by others more qualified, but we'll be dreaming about that 3-holer fireplace (top) all weekend.
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