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Department of Clarification: Re-Urbanization

We erred in describing a urban wasteland as, well, an urban wasteland. A very highly placed tipster informed us that the urban wasteland in question won't be much longer. Forest City Ratner is in the final stages of environmental review to build thousands of housing units in the aforementioned urban wasteland, bringing Mayor Brown's promise of 10K new housing units in downtown Oakland a reality. No apparent web presence for the project yet. So it will be an urban wasteland until roughly mid-'07 at the earliest. In the meanwhile, would a little grass seed be such a bad thing?

Glen Park:
Rick Tarlov of the Canyon Market tells us that there are 15 residential condos, not 17, at the Glen Park Library site. There are 17 condos in the project because the commercial space and library space are actually- you guessed it- condos. Two of the 15 residential units will be BMR.

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