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To Do List: Your Next Three Days

[Image: fragment of a Shepard Fairey installation, courtesy White Walls Gallery]

Dave White's reading from his new book Exile In Guyville 7PM at A Different Light, 489 Castro Street (Market/ 18th)

...'I want to find decent barbecue,' I say, which isn't the full truth. The full truth is that I want the decent barbecue to find me. I want to be lounging nude on my bed watching Sleepaway Camp on Cinemax ... And I want the barbecue ribs to float into the bedroom and hover over my head as the tender meat falls from the bone and into my open mouth. Then Dan Haggerty circa 1979 comes in and licks the barbecue sauce from my chin. Some sweet day this will come true for me. 'Other than that,' I say, 'I have no special desires'...

Linger for a while to get your copy signed, then head a few doors north to Naia for outstanding gelato. Yes, the same Naia as on Shattuck in Berkeley, now gracing the Castro.

Pretend you have a doctor's appointment and go to the Giants opener at AT&T Park (don't pretend you don't know where it is... it used to be Pac Bell, then SBC.) While deciding which scalper to patronize, have a beer and a grass-fed and -finished all-beef hot dog with caramelized onions from Let's Be Frank at Acme Chophouse.

Leave work early, go to White Walls gallery to see the Shepard Fairey show. Talk about it over single malts at Edinburgh Castle around the corner.
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