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Thanks, Craig!

Trolling Craigslist for the perfect place to live can be hard. We've done the work for you, and found two places where light is a critical design element.

Disco Inferno
Unwilling (or unable) to stop the music? This Bayview Disco Room may be the solution to your housing dilemma. After a day or three of partying, shake your booty over to the shared hot tub. $1200 a month to bump your way back to the 'Eighties. Eight-track not included.
· Disco Room [Craigslist]

Oh, Her? She Lives the the Attic
Nothing quite as genteel as a Pacific Heights penthouse. Daydreams of rooftops tumbling down to the Bay, a terrace, a drink or three watching the fog roll in (or whatever fog actually does.) So you can comprehend our disappointment when we discovered the penthouse in question is in fact an attic. An attic is not a penthouse, Nancy. It's not a pentroom. It's a fucking attic. And while we're working the euphemisms, is wood-burning stove a stand-in for no heat? For $1800, it's light-filled, allright, $200 extra for parking your car in a pent-garage.
· Light-filled! [Craigslist]