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Yerba Buena Gets Better

Coming soon: the long-awaited Beard Papa to open May 12 on Yerba Buena Lane and Mission at 10AM. Fat boys from all over the Bay Area are dusting off their lawn chairs in anticipation of a pre-dawn vigil. Previously an underdeveloped alley between Market and Mission, most of the commercial spaces have been vacant for almost a decade, and now, in sixteen days, Japanese cream puffs.

More inflated egg and flour molecules after the jump:

In that uniquely Japanese mode of reinvention, Beard Papa cream puffs are made of choux pastry, baked, then clad in a thin pastry shell and rebaked. The notoriously fickle choux pastry provides a structure to fill with cream, with the outer pastry shell holding up long enough to provide the desired crunch and contrast with the creamy filling. One can only guess what chain of thought created an anthropomorphic Creampuff Grandpa for a logo, but that won't stop Beard Papa from becoming the new Krispie Kream, served up by Japanese girls in uniforms and bonnets, with somewhat less white trash.

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