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Planning the Presidio

The Richmond is generally quiet, peaceful, foggy, etc. When the neighborhood near the abandoned Public Services Hospital in the Presido heard the property is going to be redeveloped with some luxury condos, everyone started waking up in cold sweats just imagining the future traffic. We've got the scoop, and the Executive Director of the Presidio Trust has introduced us to our new favorite SF demographic when he was quoted in a recent SF Business Times article as saying that this project will attract "empty nesters, triathlon types and families." All the details, after the jump.

[Photo of Public Services Hospital from Tristan Savatier's site]

The Public Services Hospital, located by the 14th and 15h Avenue Presidio entrance gates, abandoned since 1988, and now a graffiti and urban exploration mecca, is an integral part of the Presidio Trust's plan to reach the required goal of the Presidio becoming financially self sufficient by 2013. Forest City Development won the bid to redevelop the site because they promised the Trust $200 million by developing 350 condos... Guess what? That was probably never really attainable, and the neighbors freaked about the number of new cars that would accompany the new residents.

Now the plans are all scaled back- Forest City is only going to develop 202 units (the Trust is supposedly going to develop another 28), and according to the Presidio Trust, this change will create 22% less traffic than the original plan. We'll get more details when the final environmental impact statement is released in May, but neighbors are already threatening to block the project through lawsuits. We also heard that the Planning Association for the Richmon is working with the Trust and with Caltrans to build a new entrance off of Highway 1, south of the MacArthur Tunnel which might alleviate some of the traffic concerns. In the meantime, check out the awesome photos of the graffiti inside.
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