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More Preservation

You ask, we tell (Socketsite also did a few days ago.) The building in question is 201 Sansome, AKA The Royal San Francisco which a tipster's been watching from her office window getting nipped, tucked and generally buffed up. It's unclear who the developer is, although some web-snooping indicates it may be a project of KSL Capital in San Diego.

The building is a florid Edwardian-era interpretation of the Georgian (or more properly, of Christopher Wren) the results of taking an English design vocabulary and sending it nine thousand miles away and up eleven stories. At the time, however, Brittannia was still ruling the waves, and the appearance of this building- originally the offices of an insurance company- in the rubble of 1907 must have been reassuring.

It's reassuring in 2006, as well, that downtown buildings like this are being repurposed as housing, especially with BMR units and a variety of plans. 201 Sansome also has two-story units, inexplicably called townhouses, on the top floors. Leased parking. Since the building appears almost sold out and there's no local sales team, one expects the "sold" units have been turned over to investors and will reappear on the market.

We've seen more attractive websites, but, mirabile dictu, there are actually prices for the units along with some good floor plan porn. Building picture after the jump.
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