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Sold, finally, for $2,105,000 and after months on the market, the glamorous 98 Rockaway. One deal fell through, and it sat on the market with successive reductions, dropping $490K under the original asking price from October '05. Last fall it seemed that any well-renovated property went for whatever was asked. Except this one, the one with the most beautiful bathrooms west of Twin Peaks. It might have been the shoe-removal requirement at the open houses, thus launching memories of walking shoeless through airport security, laptops on, that kept potential buyers from whipping out their checkbooks.

Also Sold:
At 999 Green Street, aka The Summit, a one-bedroom one-bath in original mid-century condition with amazing views . For $3,000 over the asking price of $1,100,000. We have no idea why, either. Probably six weeks on the market.

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