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Completely Unsubtantiated Rumors

Renzo Piano has been tapped to do the new JMA/Mercantile tower at Third & Mission, incorporating the Mexican Museum site and cancelling the Legoretta design. Sure, Italians and Mexicans look alike anyway.

Alexis Wong is considering new a starchitect facade for her fugly 1160 Mission tower. Also- word is the city's not going to look for changes at Trinity Plaza just because it doesn't fit her vision.

The plaza behind the Ferry Building where every Saturday world's most expensive produce comes together for a just few hours to get bought by the world's wealthiest hunter-gatherers, is going to be torn up for BART retrofitting. Everything, including the statue of Gandhi, moves to the Presidio, where we can buy our $7.00 heirloom tomatoes with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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