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Weekend To-Do List

[Photo Credit Mary Anne Sullivan]

Between bites of organic matzoh and artisanal chocolate Easter bunnies, celebrate the power of two seismic movements that modern-day San Francisco would not be the same without:

Rephotographing San Francisco contrasts present day images of locations photographed at the time of the earthquake. At the Legion of Honor After the Ruins 1906-2006 [Legion of Honor]

Probably not the first time the term a disaster in pictures was used at SF MoMA, but this exhibit's about the earthquake images of 1906 1906 Earthquake: A Disaster in Pictures [SF MoMA]

On a more domestic level, the Arts & Crafts Movement was equally ground-shifting. An outstanding collection of the then-revolutionary design reaction to everything industrial. With the prodding of principal kvetch John Ruskin, William Morris revived the value of craft, and the results are visible all over the Bay Area. William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright [De Young]

If you and your posse find yourselves closer to Union Square, check out Frank Lloyd Wright's V.C. Morris Gift Shop, sensitively restored by the Xanadu Gallery . One of the few Wright retail structures- and typically peverse in that it has no street-side display windows- the interior ramp is the prototype for Wright's Guggenheim Museum in New York. Worth visiting for the crisp brick facade alone, at 140 Maiden Lane between Stockton and Grant.