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A Museum Grows in Berkeley

Rumors of shortlists appearing over the skies of Berkeley. Seems the powers-that-be have narrowed down the choice of architects for the new art museum there to a very short list of two: Kazuyo Seijima and Ryue Nishiwaza of SANAA vs Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works. In New York, SANAA recently broke ground on the New Museum and Allied is busy covering up Edward Durrell Stone's iconic Huntington Hartford Gallery with frosted glass on Columbus Circle. Or so we thought.

It's unclear whether this is going to be an entirely new building, a new wing, or if Mario Ciampi's late-sixties fully ramped cast concrete pinwheel will just get sliced, diced and covered in frosted glass.
· SANAA [designboom]
· Allied Works [Allied Works]
· Imagining the Newly Sanaatized Bowery [Curbed]
· Advertecture Alert: 2 Columbus Circle [Curbed]

8:30AM PST Gomennasai! We have just been informed that the short list is four, not two... also included are Kengo Kuma and Toyo Ito.
· Kengo Kuma [Japan Architects]
· Toyo Ito [designboom]

[ Photo Credit: Berkeley Art Mueum/Ben Blackwell]