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Fear of Flying

Residents (or perhaps more correctly "a resident") of Potrero Hill are banding together to stop the helicopters. With the Icelandic-sounding acronym SFROTTSFGHH. Not the The Hellacopters, mind you. They're Swedish. To pin it down, they want to stop construction of the heliport that SF General Hospital is planning. Their thinking, we suppose, is no heliport, no helicopters.

And then there's the resident(s) who want the helipad, but have to be bitter with posters that say: When your BMW hits me I want a helicopter ride.

If anyone offered us a ride to SF General by any means- helicopter, burro or sedan chair- we'd rather bleed to death first, thank you. Aside from that, they claim the helicopters will be based in Concord, so the whole exercise seems pointless. San Francisco's not that big, SF General is not the only trauma center, and it's already close to where the people get shot on a regular basis. Is this, at its simplest, the desire of some hospital executive to have his/her own air force?

If any Curbed Sf readers do want to help out SFROTTSFGHH, get these people a new copy writer. Whatever the merits of their argument, the site's about to rollover and die of NIMBY, afflicted with lines like "these people aren't even San Francisco residents anyway! "

But we love the map. Can we play copterspotting, daddy?
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