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Listings Magic: Mid-century 3-Pack

What: 1949 spec house, 3/3
Where: 2 Kronquist Court in Noe Valley
How Much: $1,895,000 Tal Klein, Hill & Co.
Stardust: shelter-magazine-worthy renovation. Think Dwell Magazine. Curbed SF missed the open house last Sunday, and apparently it's great stuff. Anyone want to share their thoughts?

What: 1962 hirise condo, 3/3 plus terrace and parking
Where: 1200 California on Nob Hill
How Much: $1,595,000 Cynthia Woods, TRI Coldwell Banker
Stardust: get your Quasimodo on- unmatchable views of the apse and buttresses of Grace Cathedral. Like many forty-four-year olds, may need some work.

What: 1949 spec house 3/2, garage
Where: 636 Wisconsin in Potrero Hill
How Much: $1,099,000 Michelle Stephens, Ford RE
Stardust: Pixie dust is more like it. We used to think of these as starter houses. Sweet, however, in that watered down Marina style that covered acres of San Francisco in the 40's, and part of our tradition of the bland.
· 1200 California [Cynthia Woods, TRI Coldwell Banker]
· 2 Kronquist Court [Tal Klein, Hill & Co]
· 636 Wisconsin [Michele Stephens, Ford RE]