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We Get Covered

More real estate from The Chronicle- two pieces of interest to the Curbed Fan Club:

1. Neko Cave is Pissed
The Chronicle welcomed Curbed to town with The New Pornographers on our one-month anniversary live after four months of beta. A nice spread in the Sunday Magazine about Curbed SF and a portrait of our founder Lockhart Steele (in a rare moment of repose.) Thanks guys!
2. Mel Brooks is Really Pissed
Hard to tell where the Chronicle was going with The Producers about four women, hugely successful Bay Area realtors. The writer was nice enough but the photographer was cruel. We're not talking about the tyranny of aging here- all four of them looked intelligent, confident and successful. We're talking about dude, don't you have an assistant with a reflector?
They all came off as potentially likable, a tricky stunt for any realtor to pull of these days, but as survivors with backbone rather than just wearing the label "tough." We also found out that Olivia Hsu still has the listing for "Toxic Bob" Friedland's Belvedere house, Locksley Hall the other $65M house.
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