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One Rincon Hole

We took a walk around the area soon to become known as One Rincon Hill. Right now, it's a very large, deep hole surrounded by bridge traffic. And apparently, bridge traffic will remain the salient feature of this bit of San Francisco. The nabe is clearly running a Charm Deficit, and we don't predict much future strolling.

At some point, we'll take up the topic of 375 Fremont diagonally across the street. But we're glad to know that we have a new starchitect in San Francisco, the internationally acclaimed celebrity architect Richard Keating. Sometimes it's best not to read press releases; the most we can discern, he's partly responsible for the skyline of Houston.
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[We don't usually post on weekends. But yesterday was fraught with internet access issues and, mirabile dictu! a new OS. So we'll try to squeeze out a few today- Ed.]