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Curbed SF Launches

We once chattered about real estate, gossiped about what sold for what, what's been torn down, coming down or going up. People talked about nothing else, except maybe food. Maybe. Some obsessions went underground—furtive hours spent looking at websites, websites with virtual tours and floor plans, until your mate says something like "Honey, why are you looking at $5M apartments online?" And then Curbed showed up, with real estate gossip, deals, and follies updated all day long. And Curbed understood how you felt.

Today Curbed SF launches, joining Curbed NY and Curbed LA, perhaps best described as the blogs for real estate whores. Like our sister sites, we aim to cover this city's construction, destruction, architecture, food, drink, and, most of all, its neighborhoods. And we'd prefer to do it collaboratively. So keep in touch—send tips and comments about your neighborhood to (We're also looking for one or two more roving correspondents; let us know if you're interested.) Welcome to our world.